KROOZ is built with the mind of Customers Safety and Drivers Profitability

Quality over Quantity: KROOZ strive to provide you with quality service guarantee to meet your expectation.
Why choose those problematic rideshare companies? Let KROOZ do the driving for you.

KROOZ is available and operate in all cities and states in USA including Hawaii and all provinces in CANADA.

KROOZ Customer app Signup Screen

KROOZ apps allows customers with smart-phones to book safe and reliable ride request from any desired location in United State including Hawaii and Canada, then routed to KROOZ independent partner drivers who uses their own cars, picked up the rider and drive the rider to his or her destination.

Now Accepting Ride-Request and Hiring TNC Drivers in United States including Hawaii, and Canada.

KROOZ does not charge customers SURGE Pricing. We believed SURGE Price is a RIP-OFF, an act of exploitation.
Our competitors automatically increase higher their ride fare when customers need them most. Don't let them exploit you, come KROOZ with Us.

KROOZ Vehicles

KROOZ has Amazing Features and Users friendly Mobile Apps.


One tap on your smart-phone KROOZ independent partner driver will locates you for pick up immediately; drive you to your desired destination with cautious, safe and enjoyable professional ride-share service. Come KROOZ with Us.


Say goodbye to hailing those taxis in extreme weathers; leaving the comfort of your home to take taxi. Or riding with those problematic ride-share companies who don't deserves you. Come enjoy the convenient of KROOZ.


KROOZ is built with the mind of customer's safety and concerns. When you request ride with KROOZ you have ability to include immediate contacts; friends and family are able to virtually follow your ride progress and notified via SMS when you arrived your destination. Passengers get to see drivers photo, name, vehicle model, and vehicle plate number before meeting them for safety purpose and vice versa.


Enjoy a comfortable ride share service in clean car with a professional safe and cautious KROOZ independent driver.


Pay for your ride via credit card or debit card. No need to carry cash with you for safety reason.

TNC Driver's Wanted

KROOZ driver's are compensated at a higher rate than other similar TNC apps. Our driver's earn 85% of fare and get paid 100% of tips received per ride. Join KROOZ Driver Team Today!

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