It's Simple, Cheap, and Fun to Commute with KROOZ

Kroozin' with KROOZ as customer you don't have to worry about hidden fees or unprofessional drivers.

Commute with KROOZ

EASY AS 1, 2, 3.

One tap on your smart-phone KROOZ contract driver will locates you for pick up immediately; drive you to your desired destination with cautious, safe and enjoyable professional service. We deliver the best, transparent ride-share service couple with an outstanding customer service our competitors cannot match.



KROOZ does not charge customers SURGE pricing or hidden fees like other TNC apps. We clearly believe SURGE Pricing is a RIP-OFF, an act of exploitation to customers. As you may know, our competitors automatically increase their ride fare when customers need them most. Don't let them exploit you.

KROOZ drivers are well compensated


KROOZ is taking the TNC and ride-share services to new heights and ensuring drivers go the extra mile when it comes to meeting customers satisfaction. Our drivers are highly compensated and always wily to render the best service and respect you deserved. Your safety and satisfaction are always our priority.

KROOZ Vehicles and ride fare

KROOZ is built with the mind of Customers' Safety and Drivers' Profitability

Why choose those problematic rideshare companies?
Let KROOZ Do The Driving For You

KROOZ is available and operate in all cities and states in USA including Hawaii, and all provinces in CANADA

Quality over Quantity

KROOZ strives to provide you with quality service; a complete transparent transactions guarantee to meet your expectation.

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Great and Amazing Features

KROOZ Apps both Driver and Customer are built with great and exciting user friendly interactive features for your convenient.

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KROOZ Drivers earn More!

As KROOZ contract driver; you make more money driving with us compare to our competitors. You deserve the best drive KROOZ.

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About Us

KROOZ is a peer-to-peer transportation network company, a transportation social network dedicated to providing suitable, alternatively comfortable and reliable rider service via our interactive mobile applications.

KROOZ apps allows customers with smart-phones to book safe and reliable ride request from any desired location in United State including Hawaii and Canada, then route the ride request to KROOZ independent partner drivers who use their own cars to pickup riders and drive riders to his or her destination.

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