KROOZ is built with the mind of Customers Safety and Drivers Profitability

KROOZ available and Operate in 25 Countries and Growing...

Australia  Austria  Belgium  Brazil  Canada  Denmark  France  Finland Germany  Hong Kong  Ireland  Italy  Japan  Luxembourg  Mexico 
Netherlands New Zealand  Norway  Portugal  Singapore  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland United Kingdom  United States

We operate in all states and cities in United States and presently hiring TNC drivers and accepting ride request nationwide.

KROOZ Vehicles

KROOZ Has Amazing Features


One tap on your smart-phone and KROOZ independent partner driver locates you for pick up immediately and drive you to your destination.


Goodbye to hailing those taxi's in extreme weathers or leaving the comfort of your home to take taxi. Now, enjoy the convenient of KROOZ.


100% safety guaranteed. Inbuilt Panic button, Friend and Family follow, Passengers get to see drivers profile before meeting them and vice versa.


Enjoy a comfortable and clean car with a professional ride-share service.


Pay for your ride via credit card or debit card. No need to carry cash with you.

Driver's Wanted

KROOZ driver's are compensated at a higher rate than other similar TNC apps. Our driver's earn 85% of fare and get paid 100% of tips received per ride. Join KROOZ Driver Team Today!
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