We're currently HIRING DRIVERS ACCEPTING Ride and Delivery Request in 33 Countries    KROOZ offshore branch offices located at: UNITED KINGDOM and CANADA. Start Kroozin

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KROOZ® offer Ride and Delivery Service Nationwide, now HIRING Drivers and Accepting Ride Requesting.

KROOZ Ride and Delivery services available in all cities and states here in USA; also, in 33 Countries.

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Download KROOZ app from Google Play Store or APP Store Create account by entering your phone number, email, and upload your photo or use your Facebook login credential to signup. Once the sign-up steps are completed start KROOZIN' or request delivery. Complete 20 rides and your next is FREE!



KROOZ does not charge customers SURGE pricing or hidden fees like other TNC apps. We clearly believe SURGE Pricing is a RIP-OFF, an act of exploitation to customers. As you may know, our competitors automatically increase their ride fare when customers need them most. Don't let them exploit you.

KROOZ drivers are well compensated


Krooz Drivers get Paid Daily, It's your money why wait for it!
In addition to driver high compensation; Get paid by referring customers to krooz, complete 100 trips and get paid $150 extra. Also, refer a driver with your personalize driver referral code and take home $150 when he/she completes 150 trips.

Kroozin' with KROOZ as customer you don't have to worry about hidden fees or unprofessional drivers.
Krooz customers can request RIDE and DELIVERY from krooz app.

We're excited that you've choosen krooz. Here's why we think you'll like us better...
  • Stable Company — Krooz® is born to exceed the transportation network industry. Our drivers can accept RIDE and DELIVERY.
  • Annual Profit Share — Krooz offer 20% annual net profit share to drivers. The first TNC company that consider sharing its profit.
  • Innovation — We've created unique and innovative TNC app features to enhance our users base experience. See the features below.

  • SAFE RIDE — This security feature created by Krooz® is to ensure that riders always enter the right Krooz vehicle. When a customer request a ride, the driver accept the ride. When the driver arrived the customer pickup location. A notification is sent to the rider that the driver has arrived, the notification will include a numeric security code number example XXXX

    Now, when the driver picks up the customer or rider. The rider must give the security code number XXXX received to the driver. So, the driver will need to enter that security code into his or her KROOZ Driver app before able to START THE RIDE.

    When the driver clicks START RIDE, the system will prompt him or her to enter the rider security code number. Until the code is entered the ride won't start. And when the code is entered accurately the ride will start and the message "Your Security Code Matched Successfully" will be displayed on both driver and rider Krooz app screen. USPTO patent pending.
  • TAG — This Krooz® unique feature enables customer TAG favorite driver and ride/delivery request are sent as priority to the driver.
  • SOS — This Krooz® SOS panic button can be pushed by rider or driver to initiate 911 call in case of emergency during the ride.
  • STOP & WAIT — This Krooz® unique feature enable driver to earn more money when asked to stop and wait during the ride.
  • Meter Style Driver Rating — Krooz® unique and stylish driver rating and review feature that can be move with a fingertip.
  • Friends & Family Follow — For emergency and security purpose, this Krooz® unique feature enable rider add contacts from their phone as ride request is generated, and SMS notification are sent to the contact when the rider board or arrive destination.

KROOZ Ride Service Fees

KROOZ Delivery Service Fees

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KROOZ is built with Customers' Safety and Drivers' Profitability in mind

Why choose those problematic rideshare companies?
Let KROOZ do the Driving and Delivery for You

KROOZ Ride and Delivery services available in all cities and states here in USA; also, in 33 Countries.

Quality over Quantity

KROOZ strives to provide you with quality service; a complete transparent transactions guarantee to meet your expectation.

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Great and Amazing Features

KROOZ Apps both Driver and Customer are built with great and exciting user friendly interactive features for your convenient.

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KROOZ Drivers earn More!

As KROOZ contract driver; you make more money driving with us compare to our competitors. You deserve the best drive KROOZ.

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About Us

KROOZ® is a ride-share transportation network company (TNC), a technology, transportation social network dedicated to providing suitable, alternatively comfortable, reliable rider and hot-shot delivery service via our interactive mobile applications.

Krooz apps allows customers with smart-phones to book safe, reliable ride request and delivery pick-up from any desire location, then route to krooz independent drivers who uses their own cars, picked up the rider or delivery and drive to the destination.

Krooz does not SURGE charge customers like our competitors; we believe Price SURGING is a RIP-OFF and an act of exploiting customers.

  • Download KROOZ Driver iOS App
  • Download KROOZ Driver Android App