KROOZ has an Amazing Features


One tap on your smart-phone and KROOZ independent partner driver locates you for pick up immediately and drive you to your destination.


Say goodbye to hailing those taxi's in extreme weathers or leaving the comfort of your home or location to take taxi. Now, enjoy the convenient of KROOZ. Come KROOZ with Us.


100% safety guaranteed. Inbuilt Panic button, Friend and Family follow, Passengers get to see drivers profile before meeting them and vice versa.


Enjoy a comfortable and clean car with a professional ride-share service.


Pay for your ride via credit card or debit card. No need to carry cash with you for safety.

How It Works

KROOZ is built with the mind of customer safety. Your Safety is our Priority.

KROOZ does not charge customers SURGE Pricing. We believed SURGE Price is a RIP-OFF, an act of exploitation.
As you may know, our competitors automatically increase higher their ride fare when customers need them most. Don't let them exploit you, come KROOZ with Us.

12 Simple Steps In KROOZIN with US

  • Step 1: Once you've logged in to the KROOZ app, input your location, destination and request your ride. The nearest KROOZ driver in your location will be dispatched immediately to pick you up. You can also schedule KROOZ ride for a later date and time. Transparent transactions!

    Corporate Account available - Corporate staffs can easily add employees to their account via our interactive apps and are able to book VIP ride request for company. We billed the company later.

  • Step 2: Fare Estimator: Know the estimated amount of the ride even before booking.
  • Step 3: Driver Details: Your KROOZ driver details with photo are sent to you immediately for your safety.
  • Step 4: Tracking: Live tracking of the vehicle position, a bird eye view of the vehicle movement towards you.
  • Step 5: SMS: we have inbuilt communication system that enable you text or call the driver phone without revealing your telephone number.
  • Step 6: Notification: Get notification when driver is at your location.
  • Step 7: Hop into the back seat of the KROOZ vehicle and enjoy the ride to your destination.
  • Step 8: Split Fare: You can choose to split the fare with another passenger.
  • Step 9: Panic Button: Should they be any reason to be panic or afraid during the ride, we have inbuilt panic button on KROOZ customer apps, displayed on your screen when the ride is active for your safety and can be push to alert the law.
  • Step 10: Emergency Contacts: Your friends or family can easily follow your trip via our interactive apps, and are notified when you safely arrives your destination.
  • Step 11: Review: Rate the driver (Poor; Fair; Good; or Excellent)
  • Step 12: TIPS. Yes, KROOZ drivers receive 100% of tips given. Don't forget to tip!