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KROOZ Canada Canada    KROOZ Mexico Mexico     KROOZ United States United States


KROOZ Hong Kong Hong Kong    KROOZ India India    KROOZ Japan Japan    KROOZ Malaysia Malaysia    KROOZ Singapore Singapore


KROOZ Austria Austria    KROOZ Belgium Belgium    KROOZ Denmark Denmark    KROOZ Estonia Estonia    KROOZ Finland Finland    KROOZ France France

KROOZ Germany Germany     KROOZ Greece Greece    KROOZ Ireland Ireland    KROOZ Italy Italy    KROOZ Latvia Latvia    KROOZ Lithuania Lithuania

KROOZ Luxembourg Luxembourg   KROOZ Netherlands Netherlands   KROOZ Norway Norway   KROOZ Poland Poland   KROOZ Portugal Portugal   KROOZ Slovakia Slovakia

KROOZ Slovenia Slovenia    KROOZ Spain Spain    KROOZ Sweden Sweden    KROOZ Switzerland Switzerland    KROOZ United Kingdom United Kingdom


KROOZ Australia Australia    KROOZ New Zealand New Zealand

Other countries and locations coming soon.


KROOZ® is a ride-share transportation network company (TNC), a transportation social network dedicated to providing suitable, alternatively comfortable, reliable rider and hot-shot delivery service via our interactive mobile applications.

Krooz apps allows customers with smart-phones to book safe, reliable ride request and delivery pick-up from any desire location in United State, then route to krooz independent drivers who uses their own cars, picked up the rider or delivery and drive to the destination. Krooz does not SURGE charge customers like our competitors; we believe Price SURGING is a RIP-OFF and an act of exploiting customers.

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