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As a TNC Driver where you go from here is your choice - however, we hope you'll choose Krooz. Here's why we think you'll like us better...

  • Stable Company — Krooz® is born to exceed the transportation network industry. Our drivers can accept RIDE and DELIVERY from krooz driver app.

  • Annual Profit Share — Krooz offer 20% annual net profit share to all active drivers. The first TNC company that consider sharing its profit with drivers.

  • Innovation — We've created unique and innovative TNC app features to enhance and monetize your driving experience with us. See features below.

  • SAFE RIDE — This security feature created by KROOZ® is to ensure that riders always enter the right Krooz vehicle. When a customer request a ride, the driver accept the ride. When the driver arrived the customer pickup location. A notification is sent to the rider that the driver has arrived, the notification will include a numeric security code number example XXXX

    Now, when the driver picks up the customer or rider. The rider must give the security code number XXXX received to the driver. So, the driver will need to enter that security code into his or her KROOZ Driver app before able to START THE RIDE.

    When the driver clicks START RIDE, the system will prompt him or her to enter the rider security code number. Until the code is entered the ride won't start. And when the code is entered accurately the ride will start and the message "Your Security Code Matched Successfully" will be displayed on both driver and rider Krooz app screen. KROOZ USPTO Utility Patent.

  • TAG — This Krooz® unique feature enable rider TAG his/her favorite driver and ride request is sent to the driver as priority. KROOZ USPTO Utility Patent.

  • SOS — This Krooz® SOS panic button can be pushed by rider or driver to initiate 911 in case of emergency during the ride. KROOZ USPTO Utility Patent.

  • STOP & WAIT — This Krooz® unique feature enable driver to earn more money when asked to stop and wait during the ride. KROOZ USPTO Utility Patent.

  • Meter Style Driver Rating — Krooz® unique and stylish driver rating and review feature that can be move with a fingertip. KROOZ USPTO Utility Patent.

  • Friends & Family Follow — For emergency and security purpose, this Krooz® unique feature enable rider add contacts from their phone when he/she generate the ride request, and SMS notification message are sent to the contact when the rider board or arrive destination. KROOZ USPTO Utility Patent.

KROOZ drivers are well compensated OUR DRIVER'S ARE HIGHLY PAID KROOZ is taking the TNC and ride-share services to new heights and ensuring drivers go the extra mile when it comes to meeting customers satisfaction. Our drivers are highly compensated and always wily to render the best service and respect our kroozers deserve. In addition to driver high compensation; Get paid by referring customers to krooz, complete 100 trips and get paid $150 extra. Also, refer a driver with your personalize driver referral code and take home $150 when he/she completes 150 trips.

KROOZ Driver earn 85% pay per the ride fare or delivery fee charged to the customer in each of the krooz vehicle type. The 85% earning paid to drivers are calculated as follow.

Ride Service

STOP & WAIT  (if applicable)
CANCEL RIDE  (if applicable)
NO SHOW:  (if applicable)
AIRPORT FEE  (if applicable)
TOLL (if applicable)

Delivery Service

EXTRA PACKAGES FEE  (if applicable)
AIRPORT FEE  (if applicable)
CANCEL PICKUP  (if applicable)
TOLL:  (if applicable)

Additional Pay Incentives
+ Tips (Krooz driver's get 100% of tip received per ride - It's your money, Keep it all).
With Krooz Delivery service tip is mandatory. However, in krooz ride service tip is an option.

STOP & WAIT (KROOZ drivers earn extra money if asked by rider to stop and wait at any given time during the trip) .
KROOZ drivers earn money if customer "Cancel Ride or Delivery Pickup" after the driver has been dispatched. KROOZ pays drivers "NO Show" fee if the rider didn't show-up at pickup location.

    Please understand the Admin fee paid by customer is not calculated in the ride/delivery fee, that is a flat admin fee each customer pays for using Krooz platform.

Driver Requirement

You must be 18 years of age or older.

You must have 1 year driving experience. If the driver has recently moved from another state a multi-state MVR report may be pulled.

You must have in-state car insurance in your name.

You must have in-state active driver license.

You must have a social security number for employment verification as required by the law.

You must input all fields when signing up as new driver which include your SSN, DOB, Address, etc. All fields on the application are required.

You must upload your recent personal photo showing the face when signing up as new driver. Photo is required.

You must upload vehicle photos showing the front side, back side, driver side and passenger side of your car. The four vehicle photos are required.

Driver's are required to upload the original photos of their Vehicle, which includes: Clear view of the vehicle showing the LICENSE PLATE either in front or back view, driver side view and the passenger side view of the vehicle. Along with vehicle registration document and active vehicle insurance card images must be upload during the new driver application registration.


To contract with KROOZ if any of the accompanying circumstances exist:

1. Their MVR shows more than 2 "at fault" accidents within the past 3 years.
2. Their MVR shows more than 1 "at fault" accidents within the past 12 months.
3. Their MVR shows 3 or more incidents within the past 3 years.
4. Their MVR shows more than 2 incidents within the past 12 months.
5. Their MVR currently shows a major violation occurring within the past 5 years.
6. Their license is currently suspended, expired, or revoked.
7. Any DUI or Drug related offenses.
8. Any incidents of driving without insurance or driver license.
9. Any fatal accidents.
10. Any history of reckless driving.

Vehicle Requirement: Selection criteria

+ Minimum 4 doors vehicle and active seatbelts.
+ Must have In-State vehicle plate number.
+ No aftermarket markings/advertising on the vehicle or salvage vehicles is allowed.
+ No large dent or large visible scratches.
+ Pass vehicle inspection requirements.
+ The car must be currently registered, but the driver name does not have to be on the registration as long as the driver's name is on the car insurance.

Krooz vehicle types and years allow for driving KROOZ. Year of vehicles model driven by division.
KROOZ Regular: between 0 - 15 years old.
KROOZ Large: between 0 - 10 years old.
KROOZ VIP: between 0 - 5 years old.

+ Maximum Passengers allow per Krooz ride
Due to the suggestions received from our drivers we've decided to raise the maximum passengers allow per ride in each of the Krooz vehicle type.

KROOZ Regular: 4 Maximum passengers allowed per ride.
KROOZ Large: 5 Maximum passengers allowed per ride.
KROOZ VIP: 4 Maximum passengers allowed per ride.

However, if the customer has more passenger than the maximum passengers allow per Krooz ride, he/she can order additional Krooz vehicle type for the trip. Understand, as a TNC driver you got paid per trip/ride and not by the number of passengers on your vehicle.

KROOZ Driver's Pay Breakdown

    KROOZ Driver receives 85% pay. The KROOZ driver 85% pay breakdown as follow:
  • Base ---------------------------- 80%
  • Fuel ----------------------------- 2% (bonus pay towards drivers fuel)
  • Vehicle Insurance --------- 1% (bonus pay towards driver vehicle insurance)
  • Vehicle Maintenance ---- 1% (bonus pay towards driver vehicle maintenance)
  • Empty Drive ----------------- 1% (bonus pay towards empty ride to pickup rider)

No Transaction Fees for Driver Payout The entire 85% earning get deposited into your bank account without transaction fee deduction.
Example if a ride fare should amount: $20.50 x.85 = $17.42 go straight to your bank account.

TIPS: Tips received are paid 100% directly to driver, KROOZ does not take any percentage from the tips received.
Tips are not added to ride-fare calculation, tips are bonus pay which a driver received from rider for doing excellent job and are paid directly to driver bank account as it occurs without any deduction.

Form 1099-MISC for tax purpose: You can view and print your form 1099-MISC from Krooz CMS, login to the CMS using your krooz driver app login credential. Also, in krooz driver app; MY INCOME section you're able to view the YTD breakdown of your earning which includes:
The Total Rides YTD
Total Mileage YTD
Total Ride Fare YTD
Your 85% Pay YTD
Your Tips YTD

Krooz does not dramatically increased your YTD 1099 income with an unexpected amount as other TNC does, the actual money you earned is what you'll see on your YTD 1099-MISC. Transparent!

Krooz Drivers get Paid DAILY: Drivers earning are paid immediately when each ride completes. For all rides done through the day driver earning are deposited @12:00 AM. However, it could take a day or two for ACH to clear in your bank account and it depend on how your bank process ACH deposit.

Profit Share

KROOZ offer 20% annual net profit share to all drivers

This means that the annual net profit of KROOZ; 20% of the net profit will be distributed among all active drivers that worked with KROOZ. KROOZ is the first TNC company that consider sharing its profit with drivers. Each driver will receive a bonus check each December, the amount received will be determine by how many trips the driver drove during the year.


* * When signing-up as KROOZ New Driver * *

Make sure you've input accurately, all fields are required including your mailing address, we'll mail you a "Driver Welcome" brochure when Approved along with a complimentary Car Mirror Cover or Windshield Decor to enable you insert on your car. Also, your bank account details for ACH deposit which includes the name on the bank account, bank account number and the bank routing number, DOB, SSN or SIN in Canada are required for ACH processing. Your earning will be paid ACH directly to the indicated bank account.

Ensure you've uploaded a clearer profile photo, valid driver license, vehicle photos which includes: The view of the vehicle showing the LICENSE PLATE either in front or back view, driver side view and the passenger side view of the vehicle. Along with vehicle registration document and active vehicle insurance card images must be upload during the new driver application registration.

* * Once your KROOZ Driver account has been APPROVED by Admin * *

When you are ready to go on the road once your Krooz account has been approved, login to your KROOZ Driver app and ensure your ONLINE icon is at green to enable you receive ride and delivery request from desire customers.

When ride and delivery request generate within 5 miles of your location, you'll hear sound alert on your phone device, delivery and ride request sound differently. The customer details which include his or her photo, pickup location, destination and estimated amount of the fare and more details about delivery are included in the request. However, you have sixty seconds to accept or reject the request.

Show Friendly Face to Customers. Friendly and happy face get better TIP and receive good review from customers. Always show appreciation to customers and make sure you ask if the rider FORGET ANY ITEM before exiting your vehicle. That help prevent having to return the item to the customer later.

Ensure your BANK DETAIL you provided to KROOZ during your registration is accurate; your daily earning will be paid ACH to the specified bank account. If the need arises, you're able to update the account detail when login to the krooz driver app. To update your detail. Login to the Krooz driver app, click on the navigation bar on top screen, then click on your profile photo, then-after, click on the edit icon located on top of the "My Profile" page. However, you cannot change the telephone number and your email address.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us telephone: + 1 (844) 44 KROOZ

Krooz Car Mirror Cover and Windshield Decor

Krooz Car Mirror Cover

  While operating krooz apps, drivers are require to insert on their vehicle either the "Krooz Car Mirror Cover" or the "Windshield Decor". This help our customers identify the krooz vehicle at the time.

  The krooz Car Mirror Cover and Windshield Decor are available for purchase at: Krooz Shop

  If you need krooz promotional materials, example: business cards or flyers contact us for free copies.

REFER a Driver: Get paid $150 extra
Refer a driver with your personalize KROOZ drivers referral code, and when he or she completes 150 rides within a given time, you'll earn $150 extra. The referral code is located in your KROOZ driver app and can be share via text, email or social network.


Under no circumstances is any type of DRUG, MARIJUANA/CANNABIS, WEAPONS OR OPEN ALCOHOL allowed in any KROOZ vehicle. If at any time your driver sees or smells any of the above items they are more than welcomed to stop the trip without return of pay.

Driver's are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol in vehicle while driving for KROOZ. If such activity exist and is brought to our attention upon investigation, KROOZ will deactivate the driver account. Visit our policy page to learn more.


Texas: If you are a driver working in state of Texas, get yourself familiar with the new BILL HB100 just passed. TX HB100 Relating to the regulation of transportation network companies; requiring an occupational permit; authorizing a fee.

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