A: You can book KROOZ ride or delivery request through our interactive KROOZ mobile apps using any Android or IOS devices for immediate pickup or schedule the ride for later date and time.

A: Yes, you can use the same phone device or phone number for both KROOZ customer and KROOZ driver apps, however, you will need to use different email addresses. Example: email-address1@anydomain.com for KROOZ customer apps, and a different email address for KROOZ driver app example: email-address2@anydomain.com

A: Yes, you can drive multiple TNC. While driving for other company log onto the Krooz driver app and if any ride request should generate within 5 miles of your location you'll receive the alert on your device to enable you accept the request. Although, we understand krooz ride request are slow in many location, however, that will change very soon. We encourage our drivers to always login to the krooz driver app while they work with other transportation network company.

A: KROOZ maintain zero tolerance rules. In order for us to provide you safe, reliable, effective and professional ride-sharing service tailored to your expectation.

If you cancel ride when driver has been dispatched to pick you up, you'll be charged according to KROOZ vehicle type ordered.
$5 - KROOZ regular vehicle
$8 - KROOZ Large vehicle
$10 - KROOZ VIP vehicle
No exemption!

KROOZ driver arrive your pickup location and waited maximum 3 minutes, and if you didn't show up at 3 minutes exact, the ride will be cancelled automatically, you will be charged "No Show" fee of $7. The cancelled ride cannot be reversed.
To continue the ride you have to REQUEST Ride again and being that the KROOZ driver is already at your location the system will pair him with you for pickup.

A: For the safety of our drivers and vehicle maintenance, KROOZ set maximum passengers allow per ride.

Krooz set maximum passenger allow per ride to help the driver mostly; as a transportation network company (TNC) driver and whatever tnc company you may choose to drive they don't pay you base on the number of people in your vehicle, your pay is base per ride or trip.
If you load up your vehicle with 5 passenger you only get paid per the trip and not by the 5 people on your car; long run you can easily worn out your vehicle. However, krooz is trying to change that with less people on your car, comfortable, safety for you and safe for the vehicle maintenance as well.

Maximum Passengers Allow per Krooz Ride:
Due to the suggestions received from our drivers we've decided to raise the maximum passengers allow per ride in each of the Krooz vehicle type.

Vehicle Type:
KROOZ Regular vehicle Maximum Passengers: 4
KROOZ Large vehicle Maximum Passengers: 5
KROOZ VIP vehicle Maximum Passengers: 4

If you have more passenger than the maximum passengers allowed per KROOZ ride, you can order additional KROOZ vehicle type for your trip.

A: KROOZ does not run credit report or background check to make employment decision on our TNC or independent partner drivers, however, if required by law as the need may arise KROOZ has the ability to run background check on the driver application as deemed.

The background checks if ran will consist: criminal, driver record, and child molester record. A one-time background check fee of $15 are due payable to KROOZ if the background check is ran. The $15 will be deducted from the driver earning in most case the first payment batch.
Regardless to the background check result KROOZ maintain flexible driver application approval process.

We are second-chance employer and EEOE (Equal Employment Opportunity Employer). As a second-chance employer, we believe your pass does not determined your present or future.

For Employment Eligibility Verification KROOZ is registered to use E-Verify.
"E-Verify is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security"

A: KROOZ drivers get paid DAILY. Payment is made immediately to driver when ride complete.
We send email to driver upon each ride completion. Generally, it takes a day or two for ACH payment to clear in driver's bank account.

Please make sure your BANK DETAIL you provide to KROOZ is entered correctly and your email address with us is active.

  • Bank Account Holder name:
  • Bank Account Number:
  • Bank Routing Number:

Your daily earning will be paid directly to your bank account on the system and you have ability to update/edit your account via KROOZ apps.

A: KROOZ do have customers Invite and get discount rides with a (Referral Code) via KROOZ customer apps
Customer can share the experience of using KROOZ apps via social networking, email, text and can avail the benefit once the referred persons download the KROOZ app and place order for ride request using the referral code (unique auto generated code).

To get benefits of the referral code, referred person should apply referral code within 24 hours of registration. Once the referral code is applied, the user gets the preset discount on his first ride.

You can also earn money by referring TNC Drivers to us - refer drivers to KROOZ with the auto generated driver referral code on the KROOZ driver apps and get paid $150 when the driver completes 150 trips in any given time. The KROOZ driver referral code is available in KROOZ drivers app.

A: KROOZ is 100% real and we are here to stay.

KROOZ, Inc; is a profit S Corporation registered in the state of Texas in 2015 with office located in Dallas.

KROOZ apps were initially launched in June 21, 2016 and recently went through fresh redevelopment; revamped with new application features and enhancement to enable us render suitable user friendly ride share service. Here is KROOZ Press Release, feel free to search KROOZ, Inc., on Google or your favorite search engine.

KROOZ operates in all cities and states in USA including Hawaii and Canada. We're presently hiring TNC drivers and accepting ride request.

A: KROOZ Driver apps does not drop you offline like other TNC apps. Krooz driver apps are stable and always online once login.
When you login to the KROOZ drivers app you'll be greeted personally "Welcome Your-name, Have a Safe Trip Today" Then after you are ONLINE until you decide to log off the application. On top the Krooz driver app screen header you will see a GREEN light which indicate you're ONLINE. Also, in MENU section, below your profile images, you are able to swift ONLINE On and OFF as desire.

A: KROOZ Driver apps do not flip flop rides or vehicle type like other TNC apps. If you signup as...
KROOZ vehicle LARGE - you'll only receive ride request from customers that need large vehicle.
KROOZ vehicle REGULAR - only receive ride request from customers that need regular vehicle.
KROOZ vehicle VIP - only receive ride request from customers that need vip vehicle.

A: No, KROOZ presently don't have lost item or return fees implemented as we have not had such incident. Although, we do asked drivers to confirm customers didn't leave any item on vehicle as they exit. We hope to implement return fee in the future to help recoup the driver drive-time in returning any lost item to customer as the need arise.

A: No specific fee set as for now. If the incident of vomit or car damage should occur KROOZ will have to bill the customer the damage fee per occurrence.

A: No, presently KROOZ does not offer insurance but we are currently discussing the rider/driver insurance package with insurance providers for possibly commercial auto liability and uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage up to $1 million per occurrence. Liability limits ($50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident/$30,000 property damage).

We hope to offer the insurance package once the KROOZ insurance deal is finalized.

A: KROOZ apps are designed with great features Uber and Lyft does not have. One of the unique USPTO patent pending features Krooz has is the STOP and WAIT. These feature enable driver earn more money when asked by customer to stop and wait at any time during the ride and also gives the customer the flexibility and control of the ride. KROOZ tend to pay drivers more than other TNC apps without any hidden or weird deduction from drivers earning compared to uber/lyft. We have great and attractive incentive planned ahead for both drivers and customer that will make us different and better than the rest TNC.

Also, KROOZ offer 20% annual net profit sharing to all drivers. Meaning the annual net profit of KROOZ; 20% of the net profit will be distributed among all active drivers that worked with KROOZ. KROOZ is the first TNC company that consider sharing it's profit with drivers; each driver will receive a bonus check by December, the amount received will be determine by how many trips the driver drove during the year. KROOZ strive to dominate the ride-share market and hopefully few years from now the best.

A: As you may know, many states law prohibit employers from running background check to determine employment. KROOZ does not run background criminal check to determine driver employment. However, we are registered with Accurate Background to run MVR and employment verification with eVERIFY. We manually vetted each driver before approval.

The current legal landscape surrounding pre-employment background checks can be confusing and treacherous to navigate. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has warned employers against adopting "blanket policies" that summarily bar all individuals with arrest/conviction records from being considered for employment; in fact, the agency has brought several lawsuits against employers who are perceived to use such policies.

To complicate matters, in addition to the EEOC's becoming stricter, many states and cities have recently imposed laws and restrictions surrounding employment screening. For example, Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon and Washington have generally prohibited the use of credit reports in the hiring process, and other states have proposed similar bills.

Additionally, the "Ban the Box" movement has been gaining momentum across the country: Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New Mexico have all passed legislation prohibiting the use of job application forms that require candidates to check a box if they have been convicted of a crime. The "Ban the Box" initiative has also spread to local jurisdictions such as Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle, which have enacted or proposed similar measures. ...Read more

KROOZ is a second chance; an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer (EEOE). We believe your past does not determine your present.


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Dallas, Texas 75374
Tel: +1 (844) 44 KROOZ