Vehicle types and years allowed for driving KROOZ.

KROOZ Vehicles and ride fare


+ You must be 21 years of age or older.
+ You must have 1 year driving experience. If the driver has recently moved from another state a multi-state MVR report may be pulled.
+ You must have in-state car insurance in your name.
+ You must have in-state active driving license.
+ You must have a social security number for employment verification as required by the law.

if any of the accompanying circumstances exit:

1. Their MVR shows more than 2 "at fault" accidents within the past 3 years.
2. Their MVR shows more than 1 "at fault" accidents within the past 12 months.
3. Their MVR shows 3 or more incidents within the past 3 years.
4. Their MVR shows more than 2 incidents within the past 12 months.
5. Their MVR currently shows a major violation occurring within the past 5 years.
6. Their license is currently suspended, expired, or revoked.
7. Any DUI or Drug related offenses.
8. Any incidents of driving without insurance or driver license.
9. Any fatal accidents.
10. Any history of reckless driving.

VEHICLE REQUIREMNENT: Selection criteria

+ Minimum 4 doors vehicle and active seatbelts.
+ Must have In-State vehicle plate number.
+ No aftermarket markings/advertising on the vehicle or salvage vehicles is allowed.
+ No large dent or large visible scratches.
+ Pass vehicle inspection requirements.
+ The car must be currently registered, but the driver name does not have to be on the registration as long as the driver's name is on the car insurance.

+ Year of model vehicles driven by division.
KROOZ Regular: 0 - 15 years old.
KROOZ Large: 0 - 10 years old.
KROOZ VIP: 0 - 5 years old.

KROOZ Regular: 2 Maximum passengers allowed per ride.
KROOZ Large: 4 Maximum passengers allowed per ride.
KROOZ VIP: 3 Maximum passengers allowed per ride.

However, if the customer has more passenger than the maximum passengers allowed per KROOZ ride, he/she can order additional KROOZ vehicle type for the trip. Remember as KROOZ driver you got paid per trip/ride and not by the number of passengers on your vehicle.

OUR POLICY: Among others

No DRUGS, WEED, or WEAPON allowed in KROOZ Vehicle

Absolutely; we do not allowed drug or weapon aboard any KROOZ vehicle type, neither do we allowed the use of weeds or any kind of smoking while operating KROOZ vehicle.

Driver's are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol in vehicle while operating KROOZ app and also customer aboard. If such activity exist and brought to our attention KROOZ will have no other option but to deactivate the driver account if no resolution.

KROOZ Drivers Pay Breakdown

    KROOZ Driver receives 85% pay per ride fare. The KROOZ driver 85% pay breakdown as follow:
  • Base ---------------------------- 80%
  • Fuel ----------------------------- 2% (bonus pay towards drivers fuel)
  • Vehicle Insurance --------- 1% (bonus pay towards driver vehicle insurance)
  • Vehicle Maintenance ---- 1% (bonus pay towards driver vehicle maintenance)
  • Empty Drive ----------------- 1% (bonus pay towards empty ride to pickup rider)

+ STOP & WAIT (KROOZ drivers earn extra money if asked at any time by rider to stop and wait during the trip) .
+ KROOZ drivers earn money if customer "Cancel Ride" after dispatched.
+ KROOZ pays drivers "NO Show" fee if a customer didn't show-up at pickup location.
+ Tips (KROOZ Drivers get 100% of tip received per ride - It's your money, Keep it all)
+ Toll (KROOZ reimburse toll paid by driver per ride)

    The 85% Ride Fare paid to drivers are calculated as follow ...
    STOP & WAIT  (if applicable)
    TOLL (if applicable)
    CANCEL RIDE  (if applicable)
    NO SHOW:  (if applicable)
    TIPS received are paid 100% directly to drivers, KROOZ does not take any percentage from the tips received.

KROOZ drivers get paid DAILY. Driver earning is paid immediately when each ride complete. However, it takes a day or two for ACH to clear in your bank.

* * VERY IMPORTANT: When signing-up in KROOZ Driver apps * *
Make sure you enter accurately: All fields are required including your mailing address, bank account details which includes the name on the bank account, bank account number and the bank routing number along with your DOB, SSN or SIN in Canada to enable you get paid via ACH directly to your bank account. If you have any questions feel free to contact us telephone: + 1 (844) 44 KROOZ

Also ensure the address indicated on your account is accurate: Once your driver account is APPROVED by KROOZ admin, we'll mail you a Driver Welcome brochure along with a Car Windshield Decor to enable you insert on your car front windshield.

REFER a Driver: Get paid $150 extra
Refer a driver with your personalize KROOZ drivers referral code, and when he or she completes 150 rides within a given time, you'll earn $150 extra. The referral code is located in your KROOZ driver app and can be share via text, email or social network.

Year End Driver BONUS Pay:
Each active driver that has driven minimal 2400 trips or rides within the year will receive year end bonus pay. Bonus pay amount will be determined by or before December 25th.

You can easily achieved the 2400 trips by driving minimal...
* 10 trips a day
* 5 days a week
* 4 weeks a month
* 12 months.
(10 x5 x4 x12 = 2400 trips)


Texas: If you are a driver working in state of Texas, get yourself familiar with the new BILL HB100 just passed. TX HB100 Relating to the regulation of transportation network companies; requiring an occupational permit; authorizing a fee.

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